Luapula expo preps gather momentum

By Bryan Chafwila

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwe has observed that the slightly more than 1 million inhabitants of the province have a duty and mandate of helping government in its strides to foster development in the area.

The Minister noted that poverty alleviation in the country, and let alone in the province and  should not be sorely left to government alone.

He said the reason for the Luapula Expo was to raise the image of the province so that people from all walks of life would go to  and invest in the area in order to lift the province from the quagmire of poverty.

“Luapula has more than 30% of the country’s water bodies. It has more than 50, 000 square kilometers of land. Luapula has fisheries which drove the provincial economy in the ’70s. It (Luapula) has the ranches, the energy and consistent rainfall. The province also has  tourism, lakes with the most beautiful beaches, it has rivers and three game reserves,” he said.

“Through the Expo, we are going to trigger investment. For example, so far we have about 29 Turkish business men coming to the Expo among others. And to ensure that we have the intended results from the Expo, we will ensure that we make a follow up to all the businesses that will showcase so that we can work something out together,” he said.


He also added that the province has water bodies which can allow for boat cruising and canoeing.

He said Luapula can only be developed by the people of the province.

The Luapula Expo is slated for 29th July to the 5th of August 2017 in the provincial capital,  Mansa.


Responding on how much has been raised so far for the Expo, Mr Chilangwa  revealed that slightly more than 3 million kwacha has been raised for the Expo and that more is still pouring in from various partners to reach the targeted 4 million kwacha.

He  appealed to all Zambians both in Luapula province and any part of the country to take advantage of the Luapula Expo so as to foster development in the country.