Is Julius Mulema a mouthpiece of HH? asks Kennedy Kamba

By Fulman Mukobeko

Patriotic Front(PF) Lusaka Province Chairperson Kennedy Kamba says the statement by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of South Africa is seriously flawed on fact as it is uninformed.


” While the UPND leader has spent over 100 days in incarceration, this has not been the doing of the State or indeed the judiciary but his own legal team that started by raising a plethora of preliminary issues and hence delaying his matter to be heard in the High Court. It took a long time for his legal team to drop the route of preliminaries in the Magistrate Court before the matter could be transferred to the High Court. A date for his hearing which 14 th August has now been set,” Kamba said in a statement made available to the media.


He said the governing party wishes to bring to EFF’s attention that Zambia has no political prisoners but individuals appearing before Zambia’s competent courts of jurisdiction.


” We do not expect EFF to have challenges grasping the doctrine of Separation of Powers where the respective arms of Government – Executive,  Judiciary and Legislature functions independent of each other. In simple terms, President Lungu cannot interfere with matters before the Courts because the Constitution he swore to defend and protect provides him with no such powers. The UPND has representation in Parliament and if they desire for the President to acquire such excessive powers, they can propose such amendments to the Constitution and Zambians will be the judges because that would be tantamount to taking the Country to dark days of dictatorship which the current constitution does not provide for,” he stated.


Kamba said EFF has enough issues to deal with in South Africa that they must be engaging in a futile exercise of attempting to lecture good governance to Zambia.


“Lastly, we wonder when EFF transitioned into a party that identifies with friends and mouthpieces of capital such as the Opposition UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema,” Kamba concluded.