HH does not need sympathy- Chipenzi

By Fulman Mukobeko

Electoral Expert Macdonald Chipenzi

Electoral Expert, Macdonald Chipenzi says incarcerated United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema does not need sympathy.

And Chipenzi wonders whether President Lungu was referring to Hichilema and other political prisoners when he said some people will be deprived of their rights during the period of Threatened State of  Emergency.

In an interview in Lusaka recently, Chipenzi said what Hichilema wants at the moment is justice and not sympathy from the authorities.

Chipenzi added that Hichilema requires an effective justice system that will let him exonerate himself, saying house arrest will not be ideal for him.

“The authorities have a right to detain someone anywhere, including house arrest. But you see, this HH issue is multidimensional. There are politics involved, there are issues of  sympathy and there  is the justice  system involved. He (Hichilema) has said time and again that he does not need sympathy but justice to be delivered. So if I were President Lungu I could  not be pushing for dialogue but for efficiency in the justice system. Let HH exonerate himself using the justice system,” Chipenzi said.

He said if Hichilema  is put under house arrest, President Lungu would claim credit that he used sympathy to give his bitter rival a breath of fresh air.

Chipenzi said the justice system should be allowed to either punish or acquit a suspect.

And Chipenzi has smelt a rat in President Edgar Lungu’s proclamation of a Threatened State of Emergency

He argued that the proclamation could have been facilitated to punish certain political prisoners.

” When he was invoking article 31 of the National  Constitution, President Lungu said certain people will lose their rights. Did he mean HH and others in a treason case will lose their rights?” the electoral expert wondered

Chipenzi expressed concern that Hichilema’s case which was given a month to proceed in the High Court has unnecessarily dragged on.

He referred to the old adage which states that  justice delayed is justice denied.

One Response to "HH does not need sympathy- Chipenzi"

  1. Chintuchilumbamopo   July 26, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Is he a certified electoral officer?Which institution did he go to ,to attain his claim?These are the same charecteris that advise HH wrongly.