Govt. upgrades 220 primary schools


220 primary schools to be upgraded to secondary schools


By Bryan Chafwila


The Education Ministry says it has embarked on an initiative of upgrading 220 primary schools into secondary schools in order to bridge the gap of pupils failing to progress to grade 10 from grade 9 due to inadequate space in secondary schools.


Addressing the media  General Education Spokesperson, Nondo Chilonga stated that government had embarked on upgrading certain primary schools into secondary schools after meeting the requirements of a secondary school.


She said despite the upgrading of schools having begun 10 years ago, 2007, in particular, the country still has 800 secondary schools against 9000 primary schools.

“Zambia is being faced with a challenge of inadequate secondary schools and in order to overcome this challenge,  the Ministry of General Education has embarked on two processes, the first being the upgrading of primary schools and the second being the Gazetting of secondary schools. The two terminologies should not confuse people. To Gazette a school means  to qualify a school to facilitate the issuance of provisional licensing for consideration of secondary schools as examination centers at grade 12 level,  and that’s after a school has met the requirements of secondary schools,”

“In 2017 alone, 477 high schools have been Gazetted at National level including 42 in Luapula. And during the same period, 1, 411 basic schools have so far been Gazetted at National level out of which 133 basic schools are from Luapula province. The Gazetting of these schools has resulted into the creation of 55, 201 teaching jobs, ” she said.

And Mrs Chilonga said  the ministry  was readying itself for the enrollment of teacher training colleges for the 2018/2019 intake.

She also stated that colleges of education across the country were ready to get good numbers of applicants whom she said were supposed to be grade 12 school leavers.”We wish to inform the general public that the ministry will soon be advertising the training and candidates who are interested to join the teaching profession at both primary and secondary school levels are encouraged to apply.”

“It should also be noted that as our quest to contribute to the growth of our country’s agricultural sector and also in line with the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP), the Ministry of General Education has also introduced a focus on training man power to teach agricultural subjects. And in order to achieve this goal, the Ministry has therefore directed colleges of education to introduce subjects in agriculture right from early childhood education level to secondary school level. This practice is in line with the implementation of the Two-Tier education system of the revised curriculum, ” she added.