Don Carlos’ son George not stranded in Lusaka

Legendary Jamaican Reggae Artiste Don  Carlos’ son George is safe and not stranded in Zambia in contrast to insinuations by a section of society.

George came to Zambia, in June 2017 to promote his father’s concert scheduled on the eve of  independence.

However, rumour swept through that George is stranded in Zambia, seeking solace in the crime- bound Katondo street.

When reached for a comment, musician and organizer of the Don Carlos musical show, Chokwiro the Hero said the rumour  that George is stranded is false and lacks substance.

He said George is staying in Chilanga.

Chokwiro wondered how the son of a multimillionaire would get stranded in Zambia.

“That is cheap propaganda coming from our ill-wishers. George is safe and I can tell you, we are working hard to issue that his father’s show is a success.
even after his father’s concert over because there are many projects we are taking care of,” Chokwiro Carlos”

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  1. Kalasani   July 17, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Ride on RASTA