Chembe water blues worry Sebastian Kopulande

CHEMBE Constituency Member of Parliament (MP)  Sebastian Kopulande is worried that people in his district lack proper supply of water despite being located on the banks of one of the Luapula river in Luapula Province.


Mr. Kopulande laments that constituents continue to grapple with teething water blues.


Speaking in an interview in Lusaka, flanked by Media Consultant, Ms. Kunda Mando, Mr. Kopulande said water blues in the area are a war he is determined to fight in fostering better living standards for the electorates.

“My people have no access to clean water despite Chembe Constituency being located on the banks of Luapula river. My people are not happy over this lack of access to water,” cried an optimistic Kopulande as he indicated a resolve to overcome the challenge.


Secondly, Mr. Kopulande poor community infrastructure evident by deplorable roads which annually frustrate distribution of agricultural inputs and collection of farm produced harvested by the farming communities in Chembe Constituency.


“We face difficulty ferrying agricultural from farming areas to Food Reserve Agency (FRA) depots due to the poor road network in Chembe Constituency,” observed Kopulande.


Another obstacle to development identified by Mr. Kopulande is absence of telecommunications facilities within Chembe Constituency.


Mr. Kopulande implored Airtel Zambia, MTN Zambia and ZAMTEL to connect Chembe Constituency on the Zambian telecommunications hub.

Further, Mr. Kopulande says he is interfacing with Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba to resolve the lack of telecommunications services in Chembe Constituency.

Noting strength in numbers and the parlance of old that one finger cannot pick lice, Kopulande is working with the National Pensions Scheme (NAPSA) to open a NAPSA Agency in the Chembe Constituency for the benefit of the electorates.

Lamenting a lack of financial institutions operating in Chembe Constituency,  Kopulande implored Zambian and international banks to consider opening up branches in the parliamentary area.


In an interview with the Zambian Children Young People and Women in Development, Kopulande said he is focused on promoting investment in his constituency to create employment opportunities for the residents.


The parliamentarian believes that access to reliable and sustainable employment opportunities will  contribute to a reduction in poverty levels in Zambia, and revenue collection through Pay As You Earn(PAYE).

“I am glad that NAPSA has agreed to open a financial agency in Chembe Constituency which will eventually graduate into a bank,” said Kopulande.

“We want the people of Chembe Constituency to feel as being part of Zambia through increased delivery of development. I can only pledge that I am determined to address these teething problems,” said Kopulande.


A philanthropist empowering communities with access to literacy,  Kopulande said there is need to develop elaborate educational infrastructure in Chembe district so as to suit the current education status beyond Luapula Province.

Kopulande is determined to see to it that more schools are more built for the growing population to thoroughly educate all children, young people and adults living in Chembe Constituency.

“I am still looking for more books to take to schools. We are fixing a lot of problems as some schools had roofs blown off during the 2016/2017 rainy season,” said Mr.  Kopulande.

According to Mr. Kopulande, constituents in Chembe Constituency do not have access to a mortuary making it difficult for bereaved families to sufficiently mourn beloved relatives.

On poverty, inequality and unemployment being a Zambian tripartite problem, Mr. Kopulande said increasing incomes through job creation will reverse the noted problems.

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