Cease fire , Chikuse Tells Chief Mukuni,Kampyongo, lets focus on 2021

By Fulman Mukobeko.

Stop this squabbling, let us focus on the 2021 elections, Republican Progressive Party (RPP) vice president Lesley Chikuse has urged Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya people in Southern Province and his newly found foe  Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo.

And Chikuse says the United Party National Development (UPND) are playing double standards, saying on one hand they say they do not recognize the legitimacy of the Presidency, on the other they rush  to court to protest Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini’s move to suspend them for not attending President Edgar Lungu’s State of Nation Address in Parliament a few months ago.

Reacting to Chief Mukuni’s statement that he cannot be threatened with arrests  because he slept at a graveyard for a week when he was being initiated as Chief, Chikuse said the two gentlemen(Chief Mukuni and Kampyongo should cultivate the spirit of reconciliation.

” I think Chief Mukuni and Kampyongo should tone down and cultivate a spirit of reconciliation. They should spearhead a healing process,” he cautioned.

Chikuse said efforts and energy should be focused on the 2021 elections, saying this is not a time for petty  squabbles and finger pointing each other.

He said incarcerated UPND leader  Hichilema and his party should forget about the hearing of the  petition and start campaigning for the 2021 general elections.

Chikuse said even if the petition is heard today and it goes in favour of the UPND,  Hichilema would not  implement his 10 point plan in less than four years.

“The last election was disputed because it had many flaws therefore, we have to focus our attention on reforming the electoral system if Zambia can  hold credible elections in the future” he said,  ” Hichilema should move on and focus on the 2021 elections. If  say, the petition is heard and UPND is declared winner of the 2016 elections how are they going to implement the ten point plan within this short pace of time.”

Chikuse applauded the Catholics bishops led by his Grace Bishop Teresphore Mpundu for beginning the process of  dialogue between President Edgar Lungu and Hichilema.

” Sad that some people are saying that President Lungu has no powers to release HH because the case is before the courts of law. Hichilema is a political prisoner because  his case is political in nature so we expect the President to prevail over it,” Chikuse said.

And the RPP leader wondered how the UPND MPs rushed to court to challenge Matibini’s decision to suspend them if they do not recognize President Lungu.

” Why did they rush to court to challenge Matibini’s decision? This means they have left Hichilema and his deputy Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to deal with the issue of recognizing President Lungu otherwise, they could have stayed away from Parliament for a very long time if  they are with their boss in not  recognise Lungu as President of Zambia,” he complained.

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  1. Umwina Nkana   July 17, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Christ has already prevailed over forces of darkness!