Mulenga backs Kanganja…he is right misbehaving publications will be restricted

By Fulman Mukobeko

Mulenga Kampamba

Chief Government Spokesperson  Kampamba Mulenga  has backed Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganga’s warning that certain publications  that will pose a security risk be  caged in the 90 days of  threatened State of Emergency.

And Mulenga who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister  has dismissed fears that the threatened State of Emergency is meant to harass citizens, saying people’s safety is  guaranteed during the said period.

Speaking to Journalists after the induction of Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata as Patriotic Front(PF) Women’s League Chairperson, Mulenga said it  is a fact that media houses that will misbehave and endanger the lives of citizens through careless reporting will be ordered by police to close shop.

“Obviously there will be restrictions. We must safeguard the lives of our citizens. if the police feel this area is endangering the lives of the citizens then they  will move in to put restrictions,” Mulenga said

She however, said these restrictions will  not be necessary if Zambians behave in an orderly manner.

“We expect Zambians to be law abiding citizens, otherwise there should be no restrictions…there are are no restrictions but if we are called to put restrictions will put them in place,” she warned.

Mulenga urged the media to report responsibly during the period under review.

Just like an old adage that  a careless  statement  can put the country on fire, Mulenga said the media should report on matters that borders on  peace and not that fan trouble and confusion.

She said the media should accurately report about President Lungu’s invoking of article 31 which she said is not a State of Emergency in itself.

Mulenga assured that  invoking of article 31 was not aimed at  harassing Zambians but to strengthen  security in the country.