Hanille Zulu unleashes Nomeon

‘ Nomeon’ a must read book written by acclaimed author Hanille Zulu was recently commended by the Education Language Department of the Ministry of Educational in Zambia as a good informative book.

The Nomeon book has also been recommended by one of Zambia’s hot shot Lawyers Makebi Zulu,as a book well written and well thought out and is better than Chunia Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ and George Owell’s Animal Farm’.

In this book, Rita gets caught in a web of prostitution in the African City of Ana-Timana in front of her sister Noma’s eyes. Noma decides to get her out. But she not only has to find Rita, she also must fight for her own well being. She must not get caught. Who is a friend and who is an enermy in this ruthless corrupt world? She doesn’t know…and not even her parents seem to be trustworthy. But life has surprises… there are friends after all.

About the author: Hanille holds two advanced diploma in Public and Business Administration. She is a writer who has authored more than 400 political articles for Newspapers around the world. She has written a number of books among her works is book negotiating blood, a book on world economy

Hanille is an activist, politician and a humanist and one of those few Africans that believe in a better Africa.

Hanille J Zulu
Hanille J Zulu