Shimunza says Church, Chiefs must unite the country

By Fulman Mukobeko



It is disappointing that some clergies hang where power is and in the process become politically compromised, says Movement for National Transformation (MNT) leader Daniel Mvula Shimunza.

And Mr Shimunza says Chiefs should take an advisory role and not taking part in active politics.

Speaking when he appeared on Pan African Radio News feedback programme anchored by Caesar Sindele,Mr Shimunza said the Church should be seen as unifying factor  and pointing  out  wrongs, irrespective of the wrong doers.

“If a clergy has not stepped into politics then we do not expect them to speak how I am speaking. We expect the clergy to be balanced. If the opposition has done something wrong, we expect the clergy to say  ‘there you are not doing right, Mr Shimunza there as a politician you are not doing right and if the ruling party with due respect  is not doing well, we expect the clergy to say Government, we are not happy with that, change it,” he said.

Mr Shimunza added:”…but what we sometimes see is that certain clergies always hang around where power is  and what we see is that they are biased and that’s why the Zambian people are losing confidence in some clergies.”

Mr Shimunza said it is important that  clergies are constructive and objective, adding that they should inclusively represent every citizen.

“The divisive orientation of the  Church should be dealt with where clergies must not be manipulated by anybody. They should have a prophetic and apostolic voice to speak to the nation,” Mr Shimunza advised.

And Mr Shimunza says Chiefs should not indulge in partisan politics but should remain with their role of traditional leaders.

Mr Shimunza has since urged the ruling party not to influence Chiefs to be their praise team.