Lungu falling in Chiluba’s trap

By Staff Reporter

Rainbow Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is falling in  late Frederick Chiluba’s political trap of   getting at his opponents using any necessary means.

And Kabimba says President Lungu’s statement that he regrets the Patriotic Front(PF) thugs attack on mourners at United Party for National Development (UPND) cadre Clance Zulu was very disappointing.

Speaking in Lusaka, Kabimba said President Lungu has borrowed some tactics from Second Zambian leader, late Chiluba who seemed to be uncomfortable with his opponents.

He said President Chiluba accused the opposition of planting  a bomb on the Zambia Air Force(ZAF) plane that killed 18 Zambian players plus officials off the coast of Gabon, the trend that has been replicated by President Lungu who is accusing the opposition of sabotaging the economy and gutting public property.

“We have seen this before. This is what I want to tell my fellow Zambians. We have heard pronouncements  President Lungu is making from late President Chiluba. Yet all  Chiluba was doing was getting at his opponents. In March 1993 he declared a State of Emergency which I supported and in April the same year, the Zambia National Team

perished off the coast of Gabon, may their souls rest in peace. President Chiluba said he would publish a comprehensive report but he died having not  published that report yet he painted propaganda that the bomb was planted  by the opposition ,” Kabimba recalled.

He said President Lungu should not say it is an insult when some section of society say that he is a dictator because that is their opinion about him.

“These pronouncements that I am doing this because I am a democrat, in politics they may not be true. That is why North Korea is called Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Korea when it is not democratic. I am saying that if you are a democrat we can see it bwana. Don’t  stand on a mountain and say that ‘I am a democrat.’ We shall tell and when people start saying that you are a dictator take it. It is not an insult” Kabimba clarified.

And Kabimba said President Lungu should have taken action against his cadres who brutalized mourners at Clance’s burial instead of saying he regrets the incidence.

” There was an incidence where PF cadres brutalised mourners at a cemetery and the only thing the President said was that I regret the incidence. You regret the incidence where your own cadres brutalised citizens of the country? I was very disappointed,” Kabimba regretted.