By  Jubiel Zulu

The National AIDS Council (NAC) has expressed concern over the campaign awareness of HIV that is almost phasing out.

Speaking in an exclusive interview NAC Director of Policy and Planning  John Mwale says HIV related awareness activities need to continue so that many lives especially the adolescents are  saved.

Mr. Mwale expressed happiness with the coming on board of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PREP) prevention intervention which can stop HIV from taking hold and spreading throughout the body.


Mr. Mwale says an estimated 46,000 new infections every year in relation to HIV are recorded, stating that the new drug PREP found in all the 10 provinces will reduce the number of infections.


He says this is why awareness needs to be spread down to the community.


Mr. Mwale says discordant couples (a couple that one mate is living HIV positive and the other is Negetive) and sexual workers are at a very high risk of contracting HIV, noting that PREP will will be helpful to them.

“For one to get the treatment, they must take an HIV test to be sure of their status after which tests will be regular every 3 months while taking PREP,” he said.