Lungu will be dumped- Chishimba

United Progressive People (UPP) leader Saviour Chishimba says President Edgar Lungu should rescind his decision of taking steps towards a declaration of state of emergency.

Dr Chishimba said President Lungu should abandon his declaration because the consequences will be too ghastly to contemplate.

He wondered why President Edgar Lungu made such a declaration that will scare away investors.

“How can a President make such a declaration when the country is in dire need  of foreign investors? We urge him to rescind that decision and if he does not parliament should not entertain it because its consequences will be too ghastly to contemplate,” Dr Chishimba said.

And Dr Chishimba wondered why President Lungu has taken that important debate to parliament when the august house is not   represented by the opposition United Party for National Development(UPND)

He said this could be a ploy for parliament to pass laws that will favour the ruling party leaders that are damn scared of being jailed for corrupt activities.

Dr Chishimba said within the period the opposition will be absent from parliament, the august house will pass laws that will disadvantage their opponents.

And Dr Chishimba says President Edgar Lungu should not think that he will be in power forever.

“The ending of dictators can be very disastrous. Look at the humiliation Hosni Mubarak suffered. He was removed from a hole like a rat. Look at what the former Ivory Coast dictator Laurent Gbagbo went through,” he said.

Dr Chishimba urged President Lungu to take a leaf from late Frederick Chiluba who was deserted after late Levy Mwanawasa’s Government started prosecuting him.

He said people surrounding the President give him bad advice and warned that they will scamper like rats when his time is over.

emergency when he was facing trial under the Mwanawasa regime. Everyone deserted him including his very close ally. I stood by his side and supported him because I saw that Mwanawasa’s crusade against corruption was selective. At one point I took K10 million to him  at a time when the state had withheld funding to his office,”

One Response to "Lungu will be dumped- Chishimba"

  1. Dundumwezi   July 10, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Amashilu yengi, how can foreign investment be safe while opposition is burning public property, iwe ka chatile, please ikala tondola.