President Lungu Is Not A Dictator- Mumba

By Fulman Mukobeko
How is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu a dictator, wonders Kantanshi Independent Member of Parliament Anthony Mumba, because he did not gain power through a barrel of a gun.

And Mwamba has warned the European Union (EU) parliamentarians to respect the sovereignty of the nation if they are debating issues bordering Zambia.

Following the incarceration of United Party for National Development(UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema on treason charges Zambia’s international image has suffered what analysts term irreparable damage, with the international media branding President Edgar Lungu a tyrannical leader in the face of human rights abuse.

President Edgar Lungu’s administration has succumbed to negative publicity, with the recent EU parliamentary motion calling for the investigations of the human right abuse suffered by Hichilema during his time in detention.

But Mumba who was in a high spirited mood defended President Lungu, charging that the Head of State did not earn power by means of gun exchange but was democratically elected by majority Zambians.

He said dictators are known to get power by force but that President Lungu was popularly elected by majority Zambians despite the elections being tightly contested.

“First and foremost I don’t know which dictator wins elections…the President won the elections. He went through a court case, waited and we members of parliaments had to wait for a month and half to be sworn in. Our constituencies started losing direction and we all know what happened in court,” he stated, “President Lungu has not put himself there through the bullet but he campaigned.”

He said those people branding President Lungu as a tyrannical leader are just politicking.

The law-maker said he does not agree with the people that say President Edgar Lungu is a dictator not because he is a Christian and humble but because of the manner he won the elections which was also attested to be legit by foreign observers.

He said the problem is that there many people who have excess time to do nothing but falling in the bandwagon of people that tarnish the image of the country.

“I think in my opinion it is politics at play. And it is unfortunate that as Zambians we want to accept a wrong being a right I think lets humble ourselves when we realize that we are wrong. At the end of the day there is no need to sweat as much to get into leadership. I don’t think it is necessary for someone to fight and insult for them to become President or Member of Parliament. It is not worth it. I think we need to go into leadership with a belief that God has given me this opportunity to do something for the country, to do something for the people so that they leave better lives,” he said.
He warned that politicians should aim at leaving a legacy because political power is not permanent.

“I keep telling people that when you are in politics today you will be out tomorrow and the best time to leave is when people are still clapping and dancing to your song because politics is a service. And it is a service that has an end so even as politicians when we look at power we must know that one day you will leave office,” he cautioned.

On the EU parliamentary motion that they will investigate the human rights abuse suffered by Hichilema, Mumba said the EU is offside to comment about internal issues of the sovereign state.

“Can you imagine Zambia resolving that they should not do this and should not do that are they going to listen? So that resolution is ill placed and it doesn’t belong here in Zambia. Why didn’t they make that resolution before because EU observers were here and they certified that the elections were free and fair so why making that resolution today because someone is court. When someone is in court you allow a due process of the law to take its course,” he said.

Asked whether he had Presidential ambitions, Mumba responded positively.
The Kantanshi MP said every genuine politician aspires to be MP or President in order to serve the people.

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