Ponder Exit Plans- Mulongoti Tells PF

By Staff Reporter

People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti says the days of the Patriotic Front (PF) regime are numbered so President Edgar Lungu and his friends should start preparing their exit plan.

And Mulongoti says President Lungu is surrounded by inexperienced advisers who want to explore their youthful desires so there is nothing they advise him

Mulongoti said President Lungu better start pondering retirement life after 2021 because his support is dwindling in numbers.

He said it does not need a rocket scientist to know that the PF is dwindling in numbers because of many of their unfulfilled campaign promises.

“I know they are cheating you that no boss you are very popular but let me tell you your days in State House are numbered so you better start planning your exit plan. People are bitter they haven’t seen the jobs you promised them and they are watching your every step. So if I were you I could be preparing my new life after 2021,” Mulongoti said.

And Mulongoti says there is a lot of traffic of businesspeople frequent State House to cut deals, charging that the biggest house of the land has been turned into a cash cow.

Meanwhile, Mulongoti says the Patriotic   is the most generous in the world after surrendering the hand of the economy in the hands of an opposition leader Felix Mutati.

“There are business people who are at state house almost daily. What do they do there? State House is not a place for business. Businessmen are supposed to go to the Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry.  What do they follow? It has happened in the past were some people have turned State House into a living room. They always want to see the President; mind you that President there is a Republican President, a President of everyone. He has to interact with everyone but I can tell you these people are always at State House every day. Who are they? Decisions of the Commerce Trade and Industry are hijacked” Mulongoti lamented.

He expressed regret that a number of State House have gotten rich at a short period of time.

“The people who work at state house are human beings. Some of them good, some of them bad but because of the influence they have on the President they get away with everything. Look at the wealth they have acquired within a short period. When you are at State House as civil servants you are just entitled to allowances and salaries like any other civil servants but look at the wealth they have acquired some of them. How can they account for that wealth? It is because of state capture. They pick up the phone and call the Permanent Secretary that I am sending this one please give him contract. These are stories that are circulating,” he said

Mulongoti wondered why people in state office leave in unceremonious ways, saying as wrong as people ignore this trend state capture will continue.

And Mulongoti said now that he is in opposition, he will defend people’s rights and speaking for the voiceless in society.

The People Party’s leader who was in combative mood said when he served as Chief Government Spokesperson he used to defend Government policies but things have changed he is now speaking for the voiceless in society.

“I defended Government as chief government spokesperson at one time I served as party spokesperson I defended the party, I could feel the heat that was coming from the opposition. More so from late Michael Sata who was no respect of human, he took on everyone daily. He was always on Phoenix and television whatever. That was a kind of politician he was,” he said.

Mulongoti said as Chief Government Spokesperson he was a defender but now that he is in opposition he wants to be a top scorer because his role is changed.

He said despite the opposition criticizing the Levy Mwanwasa regime, the regime did not wipe them out from the face of the Zambian politics.

And asked whether Mutati can act as acting President in the absence of both the Head of State and his deputy, Mulongoti said unfortunately the constitution does not see the former Lunte Member of Parliament as MMD president but as Minister of Finance.

“…as such he can act as Republican President in the absence of the President. You see I commend the PF for being very generous. Imagine giving an opposition leader to run the treasury of the country something like that has never happened before,” he explained.

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