PF, UPND rivalry goes to the grave

By Staff Reporters

SUSPECTED PF cadres have brutalised and allegedly robbed mourners during burial for UPND supporter Clance Zulu.

But the ruling party claims there was a clash between PF and UPND cadres when the former also went to bury a party official at the same grave site.

As mourners arrived at Leopards Hill Memorial Park for Zulu’s burial today, the suspected PF cadres, mostly dressed in military fatigue, descended on UPND mourners, beating them up and robbing some in the process, the UPND also claims.

Other mourners started removing their UPND regalia to avoid further beatings from the PF cadres, according to an account of a UPND mourner.

Several were rushed to UTH for attention.

Their condition is not yet ascertained as the hospital authorities were unreachable.

A nurse at UTH anonymously indicated that around 10 people with serious injuries had been attended to but could not state whether

…I went to say farewell to Clance Zulu. But as I was walking from the main gate to where Clance was to be buried, I just saw people running, others undressing the UPND regalia they were wearing. Before I could tell what was happening, I just heard someone shouting at me, ‘Osataba iwe madumbo, chosa chabe vili mutumba’. Within seconds, more youths who appeared drunk and in military fatigue descended on me. When I tried to resist, one of them tried to hit my head with a beer bottle, I ducked, though I was hit on my left arm. The others managed to put their hands in my pockets, got my K2,800, as they started fighting over the money. I managed to get away from them and run for my dear life,

recounts one of the UPND mourners Yona Musukwa on his Facebook page.


“While this was happening to me, many people were being robbed and assaulted, especially women. I feel pity for other people who were burying their loved ones today because they got robbed as well. I have since left and on my way home.”

The Mast is yet to independently verify the account of the incident as told by the two parties.

There is no comment from the UPND while PF has distanced itself from the attacks, claiming that its youths had gone to bury a party official from Chawama consistency at the time of the incident.

After the attacks, PF media director Sunday Chanda quickly issued a statement condemning what he called a ‘clash’ between cadres of the two big parties.

The regrettable events from Lusaka’s Memorial Park where youths from the Patriotic Front (PF) and Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) clashed is regrettable. No one from either camp should seek cheap glory out of this unfortunate incident and as such, we are calling on our colleagues to preach restraint to their members in the same manner that we are doing as PF,

Chanda stated.

“…information reaching us indicates that burial for a deceased PF member coincided with that of the UPND’s member. Both the deceased were to be put to rest at memorial park. PF went to put to rest a deceased PF member, Mr. Amos Chilufya, the husband to our Chairlady for New Soweto Market while the UPND was burying their deceased member, Clance Zulu. These departed colleagues deserved to be sent off in peace. The PF condemns all forms of violence and continues to call on its membership across the country to exercise maximum restraint even under intense provocation. As stated by the party’s Deputy Secretary General Hon Mumbi Phiri, the party will not condone any form of violence…”