PF thugs’ attack of mourners confirms tension in Zambia-Chipenzi

Electoral Expert Macdonald Chipenzi says the Patriotic Front(PF) thugs’vicious

PF thugs armed with machetes, pangas and all sorts of deadly weapon went rampage hacking mourner of Clance Zulu’s burial at Memorial Park where one lost life.

In a statement, Chipenzi said the happenings of at Clance’s burial place is a demonstration to all including doubting thomases that Zambia is in a crisis and engulfed in tension.


“Those who claimed that tension only existed in the heads of the three church mother bodies and other citizens who have spoken about it should be embarrassed now,” Chipenzi emotionally writes


He said is clear that those wielding state power and their associates are on a mission to put every voice into an intensive care unit.


“As it stands now, the opposition, civil society, parliamentarians,  trade and student unions, the church and now mourners’ voices are being put intensive care unit.


Zambian must accept that the country’s rule of law, democracy and respect for human rights have deteriorated to worrying levels,” Chipenzi lamented.


He said the president must revisit the genuinity of his address to parliament on national values, ethics and principles because his own followers seem not to buy into such values