Petty thief escape lynching

By Jacqueline Mwitwa.             An unidentified thief in Kanyama Compound  escaped death, when an angry mob descended on him  after he  attempted to steal a carpet from an unfinished house in Kanyama Compound, west of capital Lusaka. The disgruntled thief managed to escape mob justice after attempting to steal a piece of carpet worth little than a meal at the expenses of his life.

According to the carpet owner, Jackie  Mulenga, the thief was a

seen  loitering outside the unfinished house not knowing that he was spying with a view of stealing the carpet

The thief moved in  to steal the carpet when the owner stepped out to buy tomatoes in the neighborhood.

On her return, she saw the thief leaving the unfinished house with her carpet.

Her shouting captured the attention of the people  who  descended on him and unleashed  mob justice. The situation that  attracted onlookers that included women and children. They used  fists, sticks and all sorts of objects on him. The thief  managed to escape with the help of a good Samaritan but  was heavily beaten. With the worsening Zambian economy, petty thieving is on the the increase.


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  1. amon   June 22, 2017 at 4:57 am

    Useless story. How can a woman buy tomatoes at midnight when u say this happened at midnight. Think before u cheat.