Peasant Farming Must Be Gotten Rid Of- Ndhlovu

I have never seen a rich peasant farmer-Ndhlovuy

Business Reporter.                Former Transport and Communication Deputy  Minister Alfred Ndhlovu says Zambia should get rid of peasant farming because peasants are the most exploited on earth. Ndhlovu is frustrated that peasant farmers  grow food for the rich yet they remain poor. “I have never seen a rich peasant farmer since I was born,” he said. Ndhlovu  warned the modern civilized government not to practice what he termed poverty husbandry on its people. ” I urge all peasant farmers to throw away the hoe and adapt agricultural machinery that can enable them produce more for sale. He urged Zambians to eliminate the notion that  Zambians in rural areas can only survive on peasant farming. “…that is not true. Poor people in rural areas need money and government must give them money in order for them to live decent lives,” Ndhlovu ñoted. The former deputy minister said he foresee disaster ahead if rural folks depend on the hoe, borrowing via FISP and e-Vouchers which do not help them to produce more for sale. How can rural folks pay school fees for their intelligent children up to university?” Ndhlovu queried. He said agriculture is a diamond key to creation of employment and elimination of poverty. “…but for this to be so, there is absolute  need that Zambia invest in  agriculture in a big way,” Ndhlovu observed