I have passion for the poor-Olivia Lundako


By Staff Reporter 

Less privileged persons in society need love and care, says Lusaka-based Youth and a student of Psychosocial Counseling, Olivia Lundako.

Speaking in an interview with Kitwe Times, Olivia, currently doing voluntary works with Young Men Christian Association(YMCA) said it is important that Government empowers vulnerable children with skills that would back their life dreams.

Asked whether the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) leadership of late Levy Mwanawasa was right when it discouraged people from giving vulnerable people money, Olivia responded in a positive.

She said young people need to be imparted with skills that can help them on a long term basis rather than giving them money that would see them back on the streets, begging.

“Begging has become one of the biggest way people are earning money these days. Some of them are not physically challenged yet they still want to beg. They are able to do one or two things to support themselves. It is necessary to give them skills that would back their life dreams instead of money because they may end up using it in a wrong way,” Olivia observed, “ It is better to teach someone how   to fish than giving them fish always.”

Asked what drives her ambitions to work with the vulnerable society through her voluntary works with YWCA, Olivia said the bible drives her passion for the poor people.

“The bible drives my passion because we all have a purpose in life and to help others is part of what the bible says. The bible drives my passion of being a Christ follower,” she stated, “we all want someone to help us and always there for us when we are down”

Other than working with vulnerable groups, Olivia is an acclaimed radio presenter working with Metro FM and Pan African Radio.

“I wanted to study Journalism but I decided to do psychosocial counseling because that was my calling but I can tell you I have passion for radio. It is something that I like to do,” Olivia who is also a facilitator at Family Health Trust Started.

But who is Olivia

Ludako was brought in the world on 14th June 1995. She is the first born of 2 children. 

The soft spoken radio presenter is Swaka by tribe from Central Province and started are Primary education at Moslem Day Care and Libala Basic School respectively before graduating to Libala High School.

Ludako the successful holder of a high school certificate is currently pursuing a career in psychosocial counselor at the University Teaching Hospital.

“My Mother is my big inspiration because she is hard working, very caring and has always been there for us. She supports us academically, financially and spiritually.

Intelligent she is, Olivia’s future aspirations are to study business administration and become self-employed.

 “Some people go to school to work for others while others get educated to work for themselves. I would want to set up my own firm after studies so that I can create employment.

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  1. francis mukosha   June 25, 2017 at 10:49 am

    nice thought olivia and wish you all the best as help the vulnerable to enback their future dream’s.