Banda is not a statesman-RPP

Republican Progressive Party(RPP) vice president Lesley Chikuse says President Edgar Lungu should not use his “Godfather”  President Rupiah Banda to defend him on the reported human rights abuse because the former head of state has no capacity to do so due to his political inclinations.

Chikuse says Banda has done nothing so far to end the political tension that has existed between the two major political parties,United Party for National Development(UPND) and the governing Patriotic Front(PF).

He says Banda has done little to preach peace and reconciliation because he is not a Statesman. Chikuse said in interview with Kitwe Times that Banda is a family man and not a statesman, therefore he cannot speak for the good of nation.

Chikuse said in comparative terms first Republican President Kenneth  Kaunda  behaves more like a statesman than Banda who has openly declared his partisan interests after retiring from active politics

” Banda has no capacity to bring peace and unity because he is not a statesman. He is  rather a family man who only wants his children and close family members to benefit. Ask us who were with him in MMD he get very annoyed if you do something to his children. Do something bad to his child if you want to pick up a fight with RB. RB does not want to sacrifice for the sake of others so you do not expect him to say anything good to end tension in the country,” Chikuse said. Responding to Journalists, Banda trashed aside  the three Church Mother Bodies findings that

Lesley Chikuse

the country is sliding into dictatorship. Banda said the UPND are the ones agitating the situation because they fail to recognize President Lungu as a duly elected head of state. He urged the UPND to accept the out come of the last elections as he did when he miserably lost power to late Michael Sata.

These remarks have not sat too well with the UPND faithful who feel President Banda should play a reconciliatory role instead of bringing division with his divisive remarks