‘School Assignments’ Wreck Mansa Marriage

A 35-year-old man of Mansa has narrated before the Mansa local court how his wife of 10 years spent nights away from home on the pretext that she was doing school assignments.

Paul Mwansa said this in a case in which he has sued Maureen Mwewa for divorce. The two have four children together.
Mwansa pleaded with the local court to divorce him from his wife who has since deserted their matrimonial home for a year now.
Mwamba said when he married Mwewa, all was well not until his wife started a course in teaching.
He said his wife would leave the matrimonial home and never return saying she was doing school assignments.
Mwamba said his wife would also tell him that he is a poor man who cannot take care of her.
“My wife left home last year. It’s now a year since she left home. She has since taken our children,” he said.
He begged the court to grant him divorce so that his wife can continue living her own life.
And Mwewa told the court that she left her matrimonial home because her husband is a womaniser.
She said her husband never used to support her and the children.
Senior Local court magistrate Leontina Zaloumis adjourned the matter to April 28, 2017 for judgement.

2 Responses to "‘School Assignments’ Wreck Mansa Marriage"

  1. mwape   May 1, 2017 at 11:22 am

    If this is true of what this women is saying of school assignments is busy then its ok,children also need there presence of there mother they need mother love that is y this woman went with their children to me its not wrong were its wrong is telling the man is poor.

  2. Barotse power   May 7, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    how can you leave your husband because of school assignment and you go with children that is a lie it is not possible, maybe there must be another reason