‘My Wife Does’nt Wash My Underwear’ Man Complains

A THIRTY-SEVEN-year-old man of Chief Kalasalunkangaba’s chiefdom in Mansa has narrated before the Mansa local court how his wife of four years keeps his dirty underwear in the laundry basket and only washes one pair for use in the morning and dries it on the brazier.

Appearing before senior local court magistrate Leontina Zaloumis sitting with magistrate Margret Sankalimba was Sharon Chinga who sued Jetu Chibesa for divorce.
The two tied the knot in 2013 and have two children together. Dowry was paid.
Chibesa told the court that his wife does not have time for house chores such that she even fails to empty the chamber pot, which remains under their bed for weeks.
He said his wife also sleeps with clothes to prevent him from enjoying his conjugal rights.
Chibesa narrated that when he married Chinga, all was blissful and problems only started a few months after their union.
“My wife does not washing underwear. She packs it in the washing basket and only washes one in the morning when I need it and dries it on the brazier. She also keeps the chamber pot under the bed for weeks, which smells badly in our bedroom,” he said.
Chibesa said his wife leaves home around 07:00 hours immediately he goes for work and has no time to clean the house or wash beddings.
He said his wife does not keep secrets and tells her friends whatever they discuss as husband and wife.
Chibesa also accused Chinga of having extra-marital affairs and that last year, she left home and only returned after 60 days.
He said his wife has refused to change her ways despite taking her for counselling to elderly women.
Chibesa said he was surprised one day when he knocked off from work only to find posters at the gate with the message displayed that he should not enter the house as their marriage had ended.
Despite the hurdles in their marriage, Chibesa begged the court not to dissolve their marriage but to instead reconcile them.
But Chinga accused Chibesa of beating her for no apparent reason.
“My husband beats me every day for no reason, at times, he beats me for asking him to go and bath or for merely inviting him to eat food,” she said.
She said Chibesa does not provide food for the family and pleaded with the court to grant them divorce because he might kill her with his beatings.
Magistrate Zaloumis adjourned the matter to a later date for the court to see the property that

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