Lusaka Wife Caught Cheating

A FORTY-EIGHT-year-old man of Kabangwe area told the Matero local court that he deserted his home and married another woman after his wife was caught in an act of adultery.

Simushi Mushimbei told the court that he had no option but to marry another woman on grounds that he lost interest in his wife after the adulterous act.

This is in a matter in which Fridah Kaluba, 27, also of the same township, sued Mushimbei for marriage reconciliation.
Facts before the court were that the two got married in 2014 and have one child together but bride price was not paid.
Mushimbei told the court that Kaluba is in the habit of patronising bars and lodges during the night.
“My wife’s associates are prostitutes, she does not cook or prepare water for me to bath. She always comes home late,” he said.
Mushimbie said he always walks with his face down saying it is very difficult for him to bear the shame kaluba has put him in.
In his submissions, he told the court that he was not ready to reconcile with his wife because of her reckless behaviour.
Kaluba on the other hand denied the allegations and accused Mushimbie of being promiscuous and irresponsible behaviour.
She told the court that she has on several occasions caught her husband in adulterous acts with her neighbours and always forgave him.
“He used to sleep with a woman in our matrimonial home two months after we got married, a year later, blood started coming out of my private parts for a year and two months, I confronted my neighbour and she confessed to me that she was going out with my husband”, Kaluba said.
In passing judgement, magistrate Miyanda Banda sitting Pauline Newa dismissed the claimed for reconciliation on grounds that bride price was not paid.

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