Lungu Is Pretending On Dialogue –Mulongoti

xThe opposition People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has charged that President Edgar Lungu is pretending when talking about dialogue.

Mr. Mulongoti says when the party in power talks about dialogue with national stakeholders they are just pretending because they are avoiding dialogue at all cost.

He says dialogue is urgently needed to avoid more political tension in the country hence the need for government to seriously call for dialogue among all political parties in the country.

Mr. Mulongoti adds that whenever they are invited on different platforms to discuss on issues affecting the country they are always busy and don’t show up.

He says the nation must at all costs create and support an honest dialogue framework and avoid moving in circles as a nation by pursing efforts which will take the country nowhere.

Mr. Mulongoti says government must give dialogue a chance to avoid finger pointing, accusations against each other, political bickering and all sorts’ setbacks against the interests of national development and unity.

He says at the moment the country lacks a common purpose, vision and unity hence the need to call for dialogue and talk about such issues.

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