Bushiri Lashes Out Prophet Imakando & Joshua Banda, Accuses Them Of Being Behind Deportation Of Eubert Angel

Last week, her Ministry barred the entry into Zambia, of self styled Zimbabwean prophet, Eubert Angel.
On Sunday this action seems to have angered another self-styled prophet, Malawian preacher Shepherd Bushiri whose mission to Zambia this week might face similar action as that of his Zimbabwean counterpart.
Preaching to his Pretoria’s congregation, broadcast live, Bushiri lashed out at Zambia’s respected Pentecostal Bishops, Joe Imakando of Bread of Life International and Bishop Joshua Banda of Northmead Assembly of God.
Bushiri singled out and accused the two Bishops, Joshua Banda, and Bishop Joe Imakando for allegedly spreading lies against him.
He also accused the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, of setting up rules against “Christians”.
He vowed that despite receiving unofficial resistance, he vowed that he would still travel to Zambia this Wednesday.
“They have put difficult laws in this country against “Christian”.
Last month the controversial miracle worker issued a prophesy on live television claiming that Zambia would be plunged into war soon because of political division and intolerance.
He also said Morocco faced a similar situation.
Following pressure from his followers back in Zambia he repudiated his prophesy posting on his Facebook page.
He claimed that his words were doctored by frustrated former workers.
Bushiri has been under investigation in South Africa for allegedly charging those seeking miracle healings and prosperity a fee of R7000.00.
He also has been accused of using information about his followers submitted to his officials during pre-service interviews and making them into prophesy.
The multi-million richprophet has been barred in Malawi the country of origin for allegedly practicing magic and issuing false prophesy.
With the Pentecostal world attracting followers seeking miracles and faith healing, the fraternity has been invaded by charlatans, magicians and crooks taking advantage of the word of God to make themselves rich from unsuspecting followers

9 Responses to "Bushiri Lashes Out Prophet Imakando & Joshua Banda, Accuses Them Of Being Behind Deportation Of Eubert Angel"

  1. Gani   May 15, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    If the man is banned in his country of birth why should we not do the same to the man

  2. Ep   May 15, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    These are pastors interested in making money.They are not genuine pastors. Poverty is forcing people to become pastors. It’s they new way of stealing money from the people using the bible.

  3. FK   May 15, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    bushiri said I quote ” they put difficult laws against Christians in this country(zambia)” mmmmm bane Christians are freely carrying out the spiritual activities in the country. This false prophet would va said that,they have put difficult laws on false prophets.last days pastors will start fight fellow pastors.uko fyaululuka!

  4. Imbula Namabanda   May 16, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    All da man of God what are you afraid of ?

  5. Imbula Namabanda   May 16, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Leave the man of God alone pf

  6. Baloteli Senior   May 16, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    The boy is saying he can’t allow his ‘father’ to be ‘attacked’ tell foolish boy that we cant allow our father’s to be insulted also. Zambia think, if Malawi has banned the stupid boy and he has not dared them, what makes him think he can do anything in our only country. He’s been here, has Zambia become any better? let him also go to U.K. and see if his magic will work. Angel has failed to do what he used to do in Africa.

  7. zed one   May 17, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    Magician Pastor (prophet)

  8. Silent Genius   May 18, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    No one is above the law hence Miracle money activities should also be treated as money laundering.Ba DEC do you job please.

  9. Daniel theu   May 21, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    Hey you people, be wise and fear God. Are you antChrists? Moslems, hindus, nyau people, witches etc enjoy worship here in Zambia but you hate christians. Be very very careful otherwise you shall end up chasing away angels of God.