President Lungu Must Resign – Alfred Ndhlovu

Former Communication and Transport Minister in the Frederick Chiluba regime Alfred Ndhlovu says President Lungu, Chief Justice Irene Mambilima and Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini should resign and pave way for fresh elections for presiding over a dictatorship kind of regime.
Ndhlovu said in an interview that President Lungu, Mambilima and Dr Matibini should all step aside following human right abuse concerns raised by Catholic Lusaka Dioceses Archbishop Telesphor Mpundu.

And Ndhlovu said the Catholic Church’s concerns should be addressed because Zambia is now in the hands of a dictator.
“I was Minister in the Chiluba regime and always used to hear late President Chiluba talking about democracy but you as a Journalist have you ever heard Lungu talking about democracy? The answer is no. So this country is now a dictatorship kind of regime,” Ndhlovu said
He added that the fact that Government Minister performs their duties in the name of the President is proof enough that the Zambian democracy has been swept out.
He said the only way to stamp out dictatorship is by holding fresh election.
“So please write that Matimbini, Mambilima and Edgar must resign to pave way for fresh elections. The elections should not be held at the same time. In this case Presidential,Parliamentary, Council and Local Government elections should not be held on a same day,” Ndhlovu said.
He insisted that the last elections were held in a dictatorial way.
“I told former Justice Minister NgosaSimbiakula that the voting of the referendum should not go along side the general election because it is dictatorship but he did not listen to me,”

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