Zingalume Husband Keeps HIV Status From Wife

A TWENTY-ONE-year-old woman of Zingalume township in Lusaka has sued her husband for divorce because he hid his HIV status when they got married.
Sheba Banda asked the Matero Local Court to dissolve her marriage because her husband Francis Malunga did not inform her he was HIV positive before they got married.
“I found out that my husband was HIV positive when I was cleaning the house and found some ARV drugs in the bedroom. I had asked my husband why he had those drugs, but he told me that they were his friend’s drugs,” she said.
Testifying before the court, Sheba said when she confronted her husband about the drugs, he instead started accusing her of being the one that infected him with HIV positive but she later found some medical papers which indicated that he had started taking the ARVs long before the couple got married.
She narrated that after she found out about his HIV status, she asked her husband to use protection, but he refused and would beat her up for suggesting it.
She said when she was pregnant, her husband refused to go with her to anti-natal where she got tested and found out that she was HIV negative.
In his statement, Francis told Magistrate Pauline Newa that he did not hide his HIV status to his wife. He said he had revealed his status to his wife before they got married.
Francis also told the court that he did not want to get divorced because he loves his wife.
Magistrate Pauline Newa granted the couple divorce because there was no truth and trust in the marriage.
She ordered Francis to compensate Sheba with K8000 in instalments of K300 per month.
Francis was ordered to pay a further K300 per month for child suppor

2 Responses to "Zingalume Husband Keeps HIV Status From Wife"

  1. Oscar Sibandika   April 5, 2017 at 10:27 am

    It is very sad to note that you gote married to person who is not sinsear to each other?

  2. If Not   April 6, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    This is the case with most men, they hide their status from the wives and leave their ARV’s at their offices. so sad.