Couple Runs Out Of Their Bedroom With Pants Only After Tremor Hits Magoye, Livingstone

A spill over tremor from Botswana and South Africa Monday evening hit some parts of Southern Province and netizens quickly took to social media to express their shock and experience.
“Thank God we are all safe. Now imagine my neighbour with the wife they came out running in their pants ine shocked,” wrote Kelvin Mudenda of Livingstone after the tremor hit the tourist capital.
Another Livingstone resident Danny Anakene posted saying “Rushed for an umbrella bululu…Closest parachute I could get my hands on.”
Mwendalubi Maumbi also told her friend in one of the comments on her post that “You should have seen my niece run to heaven knows where lol.”
“People at Hillcrest scamped, others started praying while others were crying.It was drama,” wrote Edward Mwanza, another Livingstonian.
Meanwhile, Joey Millar reports that BOTSWANA has been rocked by what appears to be its strongest ever earthquake – just hours after South Africa was also struck.
This afternoon’s earthquake has measured 6.8 on the Richter scale – a rare strong quake for Africa.
It is unknown whether much damage has been caused by the quake, which occurred at around 5.40pm local time (6.40pm GMT) at a depth of around 35km.
Luckily the quake’s epicentre struck an area with few inhabitants.
Users took to the Earthquake Report website to express their shock and describe their experience.
One, writing from the city of Letlhakane, said: “We felt the house was vibrating, all the window and door panels shaking heavily.
“We went outside and felt the same.”
A second, writing from Gaborone, said: “It wz very scary but there was no damage”
Another resident of the southern African country’s capital said: “So frightened.”
Quakes of this size are rare in Botswana, with geological experts saying it could be historically large.
LastQuake said: “Earthquakes in #Botswana are pretty rare. Nothing comparable in our catalogue over the last decades.”
It is incredibly rare for earthquakes of this size to strike Botswana.
The quake was also felt in neighbouring South Africa, which had experienced a 5.3 quake earlier today.
Tremors have now been felt in the country following the Botswana quake, while it was also felt in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and even as far away as Angola.