Zambian Pastor Annoints Soap For Female Congregants To Lure Men

Controversial, stylish and flamboyant clergyman, Prophet Anointed Benard, popularly known as Commander 1, last week asked his church female members to bring various soaps to church, so that the soap can be anointed by a special prayer.
Church members mostly females stormed the Shammah Miracle Embassy church which is located at Old Avondale Complex in Avondale with different colours and shapes, for the Prophet to pray and get it converted to supernatural soaps.
It has been alleged that the once the soap is prayed for it will to enable the ladies lure men into love relationships, among other uses of the “supernatural” soap.
Prophet Anointed Benard claimed that once he prayed for the soap it become “supernatural” and it would help the ladies in sorting out various problems in their relationships.
Last month, Prophet Anointed Benard asked his members to bring out their bank cards and prayed that God should miraculously credit their cards.