Musician Ruff Kaida Says He Is A School Drop Out But Made It In Life

Masauso Nkhoma, known as Ruff Kaida in the music circles confirm that he did not complete his grade twelve but made it in life because of his determination.
Ruff Kaida who calls himself a messiah of Zambian music and the Money King says, despite being a failure in school, he has ‘made it’ in life because of frantic efforts.
Critics say Ruff Kaida is insecure because of his short height, but the artist says people hate him without any cause.
The artist however prides himself as a born again person whose success has been all the work of God – he did a song featuring late P Jay called “Nikamisiya”were he complained that his fans hate him without cause.
In the song, he urged people to show love to him while he is still lives and not after death.
shortly after the hit song “nikamisiya” his collabo partner in the song, PJay died and people accused Ruff Kid of knowing something about his friend’s death.
Ruff Kid was once an XYZ member but differed with the group’s godfather Slap Dee and parted ways.
He went solo and began to chide his former friends in XYZ saying he started singing with Zambian legends like Maiko Zulu, late Chibangu, Mainza, Danny Siulapwa, JK, Saga,MC Wabwino, Ba Crazy etc while Slap D and his entire XYZ crew were still in boarding school in chikankata