Ministry Of Sports Rubishes ‘Exile’ Rewards JK To Sing

Ministry of Sports has rubbished a song that songbird Nalu and her hubby legendary artist Izrael formerly Exile which, according to public outcry resonate well than the song done by the PF Dununa Reverse crew of artists.
The memo circulated by Ministry of Sports claims the song done by JK and his crew is far much better and describing the Nalu-Izrael rhythm as medicore.
There is currently a social media buzz criticising the JK and crew song as nothing but a ‘boostele’ song while crediting the Nalu-Izrael one as a song conveying the right message as per theme of the event.
Ministry of Sports Director Bessie Chelemu said on ZNBC that the Dununa Reverse crew has already impressed the Local Organising Committee adding that, JK and his team are after all good at what they do in producing songs as can be seen from the hit song they produced for PF in the previous elections.
Chelemu said that alot of artists were given a chance to produce a song in line with the U-20 AFCON 2017 theme ‘Uniting the Nations’ but they failed to impress him and his ministry hence settling for a more known group of ‘successful’ artists led by JK.
However, according to sources at the Ministry, the directive to give the contract to JK came from the Patriotic Front offices, because JK and his team have become official artists for PF.
“It doesn’t matter whether or not the song is a flop, JK is our person, who goes to sponsor a child not his when you have your own children wanting help?” A ministry of Sports official wondered.
However, this time the only addition to the Dununa Reverse crew is Mozegetor of the mumbulu family – the rest are members of the Dununa Reverse team.