Millions Of Kwachas, Us$ 58,000 Found Stashed In The Bedroom Of Fired Minister Of Agriculture, Dr. George Chaponda

THE Anti-Corruption Bureau of Malawi has raided and seized various items from various premises regarding the maize saga between Zambia and that country.

The operation was done after the Bureau obtained search and seizure warrants from the court

It is in the public domain that in December, 2016, the Anti-Corruption Bureau recorded a complaint alleging that procurement procedures were not followed in the procurement of maize from Zambia by ADMARC.

Anti- Corruption Bureau Senior Public Relations Officer Egrita Ndala has disclosed in a press release and made available to Mwebantu that the Burean has been conducting investigations into the matter.

She says the Bureau sent its officers to Zambia in January where they together with the Anti-Corruption Commission of Zambia interviewed various people whom it felt had information relevant to the matter.

“On 21st February, 2017, the Anti-Corruption Bureau conducted a search and seizure operation on various premises after it obtained search and seizure warrants from the court,” Ndala explains.

“The Bureau would like to appeal to members of the public to hold their patience as the investigation is continuing.”

She has stated that investigations of such magnitude require enough time to ensure that the process is conducted thoroughly and is done in conformity to legal requirement.

“During the search and seizure process, the Bureau seized various items including documents, computers, phones and cash amounting to MK124,500,000.00, $57,500.00, R22,370 and other currencies in negligible amounts from the various premises that were searched,” she has revealed.

She days the money has since been deposited with the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

Meanwhile Ndala says the investigation are still ongoing