List Of Zambian Celebrities ABove 25 Without Plans To Have Kids

Giving birth and settling down is every woman’s dream. In Africa, finding a man and giving birth completes a woman. Surprisingly  here are some Zambian celebrities in Lusaka who have no plans of ever giving birth to any child. Most of these local celebrities are rich and have everything that it takes to have a child but all in vain. Today, source unveils the list of these rebel women;

1. Fransisca Magaret Msisha a.k.a Franciar. Born on 11th January 1992, the former secular musician, now a gospel artist is locally known for her hit song called “Umutokofyompo.” The beautiful singer, Actress and songwriter has no child to her status but recently got married in December 2016. We hope she will soon surprise us with a child

2. Bwalya Sophie Chibesakunda a.k.a Bombshell. Born on 31st December 1987. Despite being rated as the most beautiful female artist in Zambia, Bombshell has no child to her status as yet. Even her relationship status has always made us scratch our medulla oblongata. We hope she doesn’t prove us right on the last day 2017 when she gives birth.

3. Mampi Mukape: Born in August 1983, the self styled queen diva seems she will never and ever go down on her knees to push a kid. She is above 30 years and she has no plans of giving birth. People who know her told us that despite Mampi being in a relationship, having a child is not amongst her priorities.

4. Gloria Kabonga: She’s one of the top 5 female gospel artists in our poor country Zambia. She is soon turning 40. Gloria has worked with the biggest companies in Zambia. She has dined with all types of men who would have walked her down the aisle. But to our surprise, the woman of God has not yet given birth. Her close friends say “Gloria is still waiting for that special man who we think might come from heaven”.

We also went further and did research about the male Zambian celebrities who have not yet thought of having children even when we thought it was the right time for them to.

5. Chaka Nyathando a.k.a Pompi known for his first secular hit single called “Bring the base” to his “Mulungu samagona” and many more hits after hits that he has been releasing, the Gospel artist and Lota house CEO is in a very committed relationship but has no child to his status yet.
6. Sean Richard Mulenga a.k.a Tsean. Born on August 19th has been one of the most consistent and persistent raggae and DanceHall aritists in Zambia. Known for his hit after hit, the “Lekelela bokosi” hit maker is in a relationship but has no child to his status yet. Tsean’s close friend confirmed to that he (Tsean) has a girl friend in the UK, may be that could be the problem as to why he has not had a child yet.

7. Roberto Banda a.k.a Roberto. Born 17th December. The famous Amarulah hit maker is a happily married man but has no Child to his status yet. May be we should send him a bottle of Amrulah to see if miracles might happen before 2017 ends.

8. Mark Mulaza Kaira a.k.a MK Macky II. Born 10th October 1984. The artists name is pronounced all over the streets of Zambia because of his hardwork and the love for the Ghetto. The famous Hip Hop artist and “Lolo lolo” hit maker is happilly married and the artist has no child to his status as yet.

9. Brian Mumba Kasoka Bwembya a.k.a BFlow. Known for his first hit single “Mpu mpu mpu.” Born 12th November, 1986. Even after travelling and being all around the world, the “Dear Mama” hit maker is not yet married and has no child to his status yet.


6 Responses to "List Of Zambian Celebrities ABove 25 Without Plans To Have Kids"

  1. frost   February 15, 2017 at 10:56 am

    who is going to look after u old the life u leadsing is temporary the time u when need kids when grow old time is now not when u are 50 years

  2. the observer   February 15, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Old way of thinking Frost. Who is looking after Oprah Winfrey despite her been more older than the mentioned young Zambian celebrities above. Janet Jackson got pregnant at 55yrs ….the list is endless.
    Once someone has invested properly there is no need to rely on the children once old.
    We have seen the same Children of old people not supporting their parents world over, Zambia inclusive. Home care homes for the old are mushrooming world over because of the same culture. Even in Zambia we have that, though they usually call it, home of the venerable old people. Are you telling me that all these old folks had no Children to start looking after them now?

  3. frost   February 15, 2017 at 2:24 pm


  4. pelint   February 15, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    at wbat age did nonde simukoko got married .for mk ll tabwima i know he was my classmate.

  5. frost   February 15, 2017 at 4:10 pm


  6. JD   February 25, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Kids r jst so wonderful to hv as they spicy the house nd r generational continuity…hv two nd proud of them nway!