Magistrate Adjourns Mumba’s Trespass Case

Nevers Mumba – Picture by Joseph Mwenda

By Kaungu Ndumba
MMD leader Nevers Mumba yesterday could not open his defence in a case where he is charged with criminal trespass at ZNBC because his lawyer Robert Simeza is unwell.
This is in a matter where Mumba is accused of trespassing on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation and giving false information to police officers.
When the case came up before principal resident magistrate David Simusamba, the defence, through Mutule Museba, sought an adjournment because lead defence lawyer Simeza was unwell.
Museba said it was not the intention of the defence to delay proceedings.
“We seek that the matter be adjourned to another date in order to allow for State Counsel to continue with proceedings, ” Museba said.
The state did not object to the application.
Magistrate Simusamba adjourned the matter to February 22 for defence.
The allegation in the first count is that Mumba, on September 8 last year in Lusaka, jointly and whilst acting together with another person unknown, unlawfully entered into the ZNBC newsroom with intent to intimidate and annoy the staff.
Count two alleges that Mumba on September 8, 2016 gave false information to constable Rabson Mwanza whom he told that he had an appointment with the news editor at ZNBC.