Kabovelo Hit Singer Explores Dambisa’s Thighs [Photos]

Singer Lloydee aka Mr Kabovelo bumped into Dambisa at one of the new night spots in Lusaka. The two musicians were guest artists of the night at a newly opened pub. Even though her wardrobe is probably full of nice grown up clothes, Zambia’s Queen of Dancehall Dambisa prefers sexy skimpy skirts and patras.

Dressed in an intensely seductive white patra with her thighs hovering, Dambisa got on stage and entertained her fans. The moment she got back to her VIP seat, Lloydee, the Kabovelo hit maker quickly clutched Dambisa and begun feeling the fire.

After a few minutes, Dambisa the Kaduka chain hit singer drove off her car and left Mr Kabovelo .