Condoms Are Not Being Distributed In Schools

THE Center for Reproductive Health Education (CRHE) has refuted claims by FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza that the government and other stakeholders are distributing condoms and contraceptive pills in schools.
Center Executive Director Amos Mwale says all stakeholders in sexual education sector and the government through Ministries of Education and Health have sat and agreed on this matter.
Mr. Mwale says the statement issued by Mr. Mwanza is misleading and should not be taken seriously.
He explains in an interview with QTV News that what is happening is that pupils are only given information on how they can avoid getting pregnant which can lead to them dropping out of school.
Mr. Mwale says politicians should be talking about the pupils who have dropped out of schools as a result of getting pregnant and not issue unsubstantiated statements

One Response to "Condoms Are Not Being Distributed In Schools"

  1. the observer   February 13, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    There is saying which says;”prevention is better than cure”.This resistance “resistance to change culture” to introducing condoms distribution in schools is killing our future generation, statics can prove me right looking at the number of school girls who end up getting pregnant because they are not empowered or shown the usage of protection. This off course goes in tandem with HIV infection among the young generation who find themselves indulging in illicit activities.
    Our friends in the western countries educate their young generation the importance of using condoms as a way of protecting themselves from the infectious diseases. Knowing that the young are eager to practice new things as they grow up. Educating them will only save a few number of them from contracting infectious diseases. Time is ripe for us to change with time even the way we perceive things should change. Take for instance human sexual organs topic was only found in form 2 / grade 9, but now it is taught in grade 6. Why, because of change of time, the same should go with how we educate our young ones on sex related issues, if they want to indulge in sex activities we need to tell them to use protection as it will not only protect them from infectious diseases but also from premature pregnancies.