Chisamba Pastor Arrested For Defiling Five Girls

Police in Chisamba have arrested a 49-year-old Pastor of Zambia Assemblies of God Africa ( ZAOGA) for allegedly defiling five girls aged between 10 and 14 years, including two of  his own daughters.
Central Province Police chief LombeKamukoshi confirmed the arrest of Pastor Daniel Mbewe, apprehended after he allegedy defiled a 14-year-old grade six pupil of Mwayasunka Primary school.
Ms Kamukoshi said the five alleged incidents occurred between January 2017and February 2017 at Kelly township of Chisamba which is mainly occupied by workers employed by Zambeef, for whom Mbewe is said to work.
“I can confirm an arrest was made of Daniel Mbewe for alleged defilement and the first reported victim sustained painful injuries on her private parts,” MsKamukoshi said.

Pastor Mbewe was handed over to police at Chisamba turn-off Police station last Thursday by Zambeef’s chief security officer Luis Chimbili after the parents of the three victims lodged a complaint against him.
Mr Chimbili said he handed the clergyman to the law enforcers after the Pastor openly admitted having committed the crime and pleaded for leniency.
It was at this same time that a further complaint from his own home was made accusing Pastor Mbewe of defiling two of his own daughters.
The clergyman is apparently new in Chisamba, having recently moved there from the Copperbelt. A parent of one of the victims who preferred anonymity said he was disappointed with Mbewe’s conduct.
“I want justice to take its course because it’s my daughter involved here and I am happy that the police have locked him up,” he said.
Police suspect the number of victims might be much higher but that others might have deliberately chosen to keep mute about their encounter with the pastor.

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