Too Much Prostitution IN Lusaka Colleges

Lusaka City has of late witnessed rising levels of prostitution, especially in Kabwata Township with many utilising incomplete buildings in the area as brothels.
In a Sunday Times survey, some Kabwata residents said immorality was slowly becoming rampant, acceptable and a trend in the area.

Jackson Mwale said there were a number of brothels near former Break Point now called Bank point and East Point where prostitutes paraded themselves in skimpy dresses to try and lure potential clients.
Mr Mwale said the prostitutes were sophisticated and even rented the brothels for their sexual escapades.

Lusaka colleges have not been left out of sexual escapades that have Rocked , some Lusaka Top collage like ZCAS and Nipa have been identified as some of the collages that have a number of girls selling their bodies for sex hiding in the name of the schools as students ,

“We have a number of girls here at ZCAS who pay for school fees , a room but are only here for sexual activities , they never attend class and at the end of the sermister these girls disappear, they only come here for sexual activities, they attract different kinds of men who pay them visits in their rooms , and get paid for it ” a source in the ZCAS management said .

Another source from nipa also spoken to said it is actually very worse at Nipa a collage situated right behind ZCAS.

“At NIPA here we have girls who have been here for Amos two year”studying” a diploma, but they are never seen in class , they are only here for business and which is to sale their bodies for sex, they attract many prominent people who drive in and out every day to pick up different girls.”

The famous Block A and B female hostels at Nipa have been an attraction of many prominent men who drive in at late hours to come and pick up some of the girls who are at Nipa for sexual business, a check at the learning institute after 18 hrs at the famous Block A and B hostels you will find expensive vehicles with Highly tinted windows either picking up a girl or dropping her off after a successful sexual business.

“These girls are sweet and nice , they are very flexible and also very tight , we pay them different prices ranging from k500 to k2000 depending on the services they are going to offer,” one of the prominent men who picks up different girls everyday but chose to remain
Unknown said .

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