Kabwe Woman Delivers Twins By The Roadside[Photo]

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SCORES of Katondo township residents in Kabwe yesterday ran amok when a woman delivered twins on the road near Katondo Clinic after a nurse allegedly failed to attend to her.
When the residents heard that the woman had given birth to twins on the road some metres from Katondo Clinic, they started protesting.
Police were forced to fire tear gas to disperse the unruly crowd.
An eye-witness, Margaret Chipango said the commotion started around 10:00 hours after the woman was allegedly sent away from the clinic that she was not yet in labour.
Central Province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoski said the woman delivered twins in the open.
Ms Kamukoshi said the residents started their protest around 09:00 hours after which police officers were deployed in Katondo and managed to quell the unrest.
“We received information that a woman who was in labour had delivered by the road side in Katondo and was earlier sent away by health personnel at the clinic,” Ms Kamukoshi said.
Explaining the ordeal, the woman said after she started feeling stomach pains yesterday around 05:00 hours, she went to the clinic to seek treatment because she thought she had malaria.
“After being examined, I was told to go to the hospital and as I was walking, I felt severe stomach pains and I realised that I had delivered one baby by the road side. A Good Samaritan came to help me,” she said.
The woman said she had not realised that she was already in labour as she was going to the clinic.
She was later taken to Polen Clinic, where she was attended to.
Police officers rushed to the scene as commotion swept through Katondo township.
The irate mob consisting of men, women and children threatened to descend on the clinic with a view to destroying it but were kept at bay by the police.
The workers at the clinic locked themselves inside fearing the protestors who were only dispersed by armed police officers, who fired teargas.
Kabwe district commissioner Dominic Mulenga and Kabwe district medical officer Tiza Mfune rushed to the health centre and pleaded with the mob to calm down.

3 Responses to "Kabwe Woman Delivers Twins By The Roadside[Photo]"

  1. MUNYENGE MUNYENGE   January 16, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Chanda Kabwe do something!
    As a new PS in town, this is the right time to prove yourself.
    Fire the officer who sent away that poor lady subjecting her to public shame by giving birth in full view of common man on the street

  2. R.K.   January 16, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    This is the more reason nurses are, in some instances, beaten at health facilities. I would imagine passers by having glimpses of a woman in labour. Our able Minister of Health please weed out this indiscipline nurse

  3. caleb   January 16, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    too bad