Woman Gives Birth In Full View Of Onlookers

Business in Choma Town center on Tuesday came to a standstill when a 20 year old woman gave birth to a baby-girl in full view of the public.

According to records from Railway Surgery Clinic obtained by Byta FM News, the woman identified as Justina Muchindu 20, of Chief Chikanta’s area in Kalomo District gave birth to her second born child in such a dramatic way.

And Grace Nawakwi, a street vendor, who helped Muchindu deliver told Byta FM News in an interview that she saw Muchindu rolling all over the ground due to labor pains around 15:00 hours.

She narrated that Muchindu was seen near Total filling station with her newly-born baby besides her lying on the ground.

Nawakwi added that the girl who had accompanied Muchindu left her upon realizing that her pregnant friend could hardly walk properly due to labor pains.

Nawakwi has since advised pregnant women especially young ladies to minimize loitering around in public to avoid such life threatening incidences.

Nawakwi has also thanked other street vendors who helped out in saving the liv