My Wife Has Turned ME Into A Punching Bag- Kitwe man Cries Out

Man of kitwe has divorced his wife of 15 years for turning him into a punching bag and abandoning her marital duties.
Maxwell Zulu was granted the divorce against Carol Phiri by the Buchi Local court on grounds that their marriage was embroiled in a serious physical fights that could result into death if the two continued to live under one roof. Zulu told senior local court magistrate Nsama Mutono that he was tired of his marriage and that he did not want to lose his life at the hands of phiri.
The two got married in 2001 and have three children that include one child Zulu had before marrying phiri.
Zul who paid K50 as dowry,told the court that all is well when they got married until 2011 when they started having endless marital problems.He testified that they would fight all the time and that the counselling by elders failed to restore harmony in their marriage.
“Your honor my wife no longer sweeps or does anything that a married woman should sister does everything now. I just want our marriage to end because we may end up killing each other one day,”Zulu said.
Phiri also agreed that their marriage should end and told the court that Zulu lost all the respect for her when he started dating.
She said stopped providing for the family and rendering any support to children.she said church elders tried to intervene but Zulu alleged got worse and started taking women in matrimonial home.
Phiri who could not denying beating up Zulu,testified that her spouse even resorted to spending nights away from their matrimonial home and described allegations that she stopped doing house chores as baseless.
Magistrate Mutono granted divorce and ordered Zulu to pay phiri K14,000 in instalments of K300 Kwacha every month and K200 kwacha every month for child support.She gave custody of the children to phiri and ordered the couple to share the properties equally

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  1. Advocate   December 19, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    Quickly divorce otherwise it will be your private parts to be cut off and thrown to the dogs.