My Boyfriend Says No SEX Before Marriage, Please Help?

Dear Readers,
I’m a 26 year old female here in lusaka and i have i problem with my boyfriend.
Funny as it might sound, i have tried to discuss with my boyfriend about sex.
I have dated him for solid one year. In this one year everything is perfect but my man is telling me that there is no sex before marriage.
He keeps on telling me that we can’t make love in bed before marriage for one year and i feel something is wrong with him.
We sleep on the same bed sometimes, other times even just the two of us, but nothing not even a forehead kiss.
Many might call me names, but its the need of each and every woman to have a man who can touch her at-least once in a while.
Now yesterday after dating for the whole 1 year, i just discovered that he is seeing another small girl who is 16 years old.
I helped this man to get a job when he was jobless and i provided for him.
Now he is working and he is seeing another small girl.
My issue is, is there any law that can allow me to sue him now that he has wasted my time for the whole one year.
Please help

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