My Best Friend Has Stolen My Wife, Mail From KT Reader

Dear Sir/madam,
I have a problem that cannot get out of my mind. Please help me.
We have been married for 26 years and have 2 children. We had a very good marriage until my best friend perturbed it. My best friend has been chatting on whatsup with my wife at midnights. Whenever he phones me, he always wanted to talk to my wife and their conversations usually took long. Eventually, he started informing my wife about his movements.
At early stages my wife used to tell me whenever she received a massage from him. Whenever I ask her why he writes her and not me, she always says “ I don´t know, ask him yourself ”. I never bothered because he was my best friend and I trusted him very much. He was like my own brother to me.
Their communication on whatsup continued until I realize something was going on between the two. My friend even stopped communicating with me instead he was busy chatting with my wife on whatsup.
Eventually, I was extremely disturbed and I was forced to know about their chatting. I asked my wife to show me the massages that she has been receiving from my friend. She refused totally and was very upset. She immediately erase all his messages. I could not see the messages on her phone since it was protected with a password. I got her phone and erase the number of my friend. She started screaming and wept the whole night long.
When I asked my friend why he was chatting with my wife, he refused. He said, she has been chatting with his wife. From that time I don´t trust my wife anymore. It seemed they have been going out together for a very long time.
I have known my friend for a very long time. We have been good friends and we were like brothers. He is also married and have 2 children.  My friend, his wife and my wife speaks the same language of which I don´t understand. His wife does not speak any language that I do speak and understand. Therefore, I cannot raise any conversation with her. They are living in the same town with my parents In-laws. My wife at times goes to visit her parents alone.
I had to break our friendship because I could not trust my friend any more. I don´t even know if their still communicating since my wife´s phone is password protected.
I am really confused.  It has been 6 months since this crucial circumstance took place. The whole situation has disturbed me totally. I cannot concentrate on whatever I do. It keep on circulating into my mind that their love affair is still at large.
Kindly advise me on how to deal with this kind of situation.
Best regards,
KT Reader.

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