Mpombo’s Son Killed Fiancée – Judge

THE Ndola High Court has found former minister of Defence George Mpombo’s 17-year-old son guilty of shooting dead his pregnant girlfriend and beheading her.
The juvenile has also been found guilty of aggravated robbery.
In a judgment delivered yesterday, Ndola High Court judge-in-charge Emelia Sunkutu said the prosecution proved the charge of murder and aggravated robbery against the juvenile beyond any reasonable doubt.
Mrs Justice Sunkutu said the case will leave an indelible mark in the history of the Zambian criminal justice system.
“As I conclude my judgment, I cannot express the horror of this heinous crime not only to the family of the deceased but also to the Zambian populace at large.
“It is inconceivable that one so young would come up with such an evil scheme to take the life of another. I believe that nothing could describe the horrible act from someone so young. In fact it will definitely leave an indelible mark in the history of Zambian criminal justice system. I find you guilty on one count of murder according to the laws of Zambia for the murder of Ruth Phiri. I also find you guilty of aggravated robbery,” she said.

Mrs Justice Sunkutu said the murder was so wicked that the evil displayed should coincide with the justice system.
She said it is her prayer that no crime of this nature should be committed by another juvenile and that no else should suffer what Ruth’s family suffered.
Mrs Justice Sunkutu was satisfied that the juvenile unlawfully caused the death of Ruth with malice aforethought.
“It is clear to me that the finger of guilt is pointing towards the juvenile. This is because the evidence establishes the chain connected to him. Aside this, there is a chain of events connecting the juvenile to the deceased which cannot be described by mere coincidences,” she said.
Mrs Justice Sunkutu also said the juvenile also tried to cover up his tracks by quickly arranging a trip to Lusaka to make it appear that he was not in the area when the murder took place.
She also considered the motive and opportunity as Ruth was killed because she was allegedly pregnant.
Mrs Justice Sunkutu, however, said the evidence of pregnancy was not laid out before court.
In the first count, it is alleged that the juvenile offender on January 11, 2016, in Ndola, murdered Ruth.
In the second, it is alleged that the juvenile on January 16, 2016, armed with a firearm, attempted to rob Lewis Mpundu of his property.
Mpombo’s son is alleged to have stolen his father’s nine millimetre pistol, which he used to kill his pregnant girlfriend before beheading her.
Mrs Justice Sunkutu has set Tuesday next week as the date for sentencing upon submission of a social welfare report.