Criticizing Judiciary Undermining Its Reputation – Ng’oma

Political Scientist Dr. Alex Ng’oma has cautioned stakeholders criticizing the judiciary that they are undermining the image, reputation and confidence of the judiciary.

Dr. Ng’oma says the current criticism against the judiciary is actually intimidating the judges and magistrates saying this must be avoided at all cost.

Dr. Ng’oma tells QTV News via telephone that it does not matter whether one is from the ruling party or opposition, criticizing the judiciary is unacceptable.

He says what is required in Zambia is to join hands in protecting the integrity of the judiciary.

He adds that it will not benefit the nation in any way if those who are in top leadership are the ones breaking or undermining the institutions that are there to promote good governance in the country.

Dr. Ng’oma says in as much as the people are free to criticize the JUDICIARY; they should do so with a cautious mind.

2 Responses to "Criticizing Judiciary Undermining Its Reputation – Ng’oma"

  1. Advocate   December 9, 2016 at 10:06 am

    It is the judiciary which has undermined its reputation by contradicting itself in so many judicial issues.There is a group of Judges who are professional and the other which is looking to favours from government. It is now difficult to make inferences to some cases because of corruption in handling the cases.The Concourt has immensely brought extra confusion.Partizan rulings are now more prevalent than ever before. The chief justice is put in a tight corner despite her professional acumen as was evidenced in swearing in ceremony where she looked like a spectator instead of a Presiding officer.

  2. Advocate   December 9, 2016 at 11:17 am

    There are red eyed judges who undermine others so that they are given positions. Professionalism is no longer there.Caderism has become a ladder to go up.Look at Essau Chuulu’s behavior and actions,you can indeed pick from the rainbow of judges who are Professional and those hungry for promotion. Unfortunately this exists in every government institutions. Juniors prejudicing there superiors or indeed enticing the appointing authority by lifting skirts .Dirty tricks are being used instead of merit to take a center stage.