Prophet Sells “Anointed Cucumbers” To His Congregation

DUE to the growing quest for miracles, signs and wonders, in churches mostly across Africa, some pastors have taken it upon themselves to do things that may be called ‘scandalous’, just to distinguish themselves from the norm.

cucumber-1We recently saw a pastor who sprays insecticides on members of his church, saying that was the medium God wanted to show his anointing through. Now we have seen a pastor selling ‘anointed cucumbers’ to his congregation.

According to reports, Prophet Walter Magaya of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries (PHDM) in Zimbabwe, had his ushers circulate cucumbers to the congregation, for a certain amount of money, after ‘anointing’ them. Prophet Magaya had been accused and charged with allegations of rape, in August 2016, and he has also made the headlines for allegedly banning members of his church who are PHD holders, from attending church services.

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