Sad: 65 Year Old Womwan “Drowns” In A Pit Latrine In Mpika

the-two-okA 69 year old woman of Chibaye Village in Mpika District of Muchinga Province was Wednesday, 12th October, 2016 found dead in an abandoned Pit latrine at Chibaye Primary School.

Zambia News and Information Services reports that Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka confirmed the bizarre incident in an interview in Mpika District.

Mr. Daka said the deceased whom he named as Brandina Mulenga 69 of Chibaye Village in Mpika District was found dead in a Pit latrine belonging to Chibaye Primary School in Mpika.

He explained that the deceased was only seen last Friday in a drunken state around 19:30 hours when she went to attend a wedding in the same Village.

Mr. Daka added that the police suspect the deceased might have fallen in the abandoned Pit latrine between 7th October 2016 around 23:30 hours and 11th October 2016 around 08:00 hours at Chibaye Primary School.

He further said that an inquiry has since been instituted. However police have indicated that they do not have a suspect . The deceased body has since been put to rest at Chibaye Village.

Meanwhile Mpika District Commissioner Moses Katebe said he is deeply saddened by the death of Brandina Mulenga and has since urged Mpika residents to always ensure that abandoned Pit latrines and shallow wells are either destroyed or protected by fencing them with some strong visible materials, so that they do not become death traps for members of the community.