Zambian Prophet In South Africa Turns Normal Water To Salty Water

A ZAMBIAN Prophet based in South Africa has turned normal water into salty water.

During a live service on Sunday (04-09-2016) what started as a normal service at Holy Ghost Embassy Church turned into a day of breath taking miracles as bottles of mineral water were turned into salty water.

Prophet DD Isaac shocked his flock by seemingly turning normal water into salty water.

According to his Facebook page the well-manicured man of God clad in a slim fit suit with pointed shoes and wetlook hair can be seen giving some of his members to taste the salt water.

“This is Amazing Prophet DD Isaac during the service turns normal water into salty water, This has shocked the all Congregation and everyone was testing the salty water, really it has turned to salt water, This can only be God,” posted some of the church members.

Prophet DD Isaac is Senior Pastor and founder of HolyGhost Embassy, DDtv, and the Prophet DD Isaacs Ministry.

16 Responses to "Zambian Prophet In South Africa Turns Normal Water To Salty Water"

  1. Ken   September 6, 2016 at 10:09 am

    He should turn the salty water of the Indian ocean into fresh water instead of the other way round.
    Turning fresh water into hard water cannot be attributed to God.
    The converse is true.