From Prostitute To Chaste Woman, TB Joshua Prays For A Prostitute

Ms Bahati from Kenya grew up only knowing one parent, her mother. When she was nine years of age, her mother died and her sister began to take care of her. She was introduced her to church where she was being supported by a charity that takes care of poor children. She was put into school and attended class four where she was not able to keep up because she could not read or write. She hung out with bad friends who introduced her to drinking alcohol.

She later dropped out school in her teens because she could not understand what she was being taught. The influence of alcohol made her to fight and gave her a spirit of anger. At times she would get intoxicated, drinking a local gin and would end up passing out. Her friends would have to pick her up and take her to their house.
She later met a man while she was living on the streets and the man took her to his house where they began living as if they were husband and wife. She later realized that the man she was staying with was an armed robber. The man went through financial troubles to the point that he could not afford the rent. When that man came back from one of his armed robbery jobs, he and his colleagues brought back money and hid it in the house. She discovered the money in a room, stole it and ran away with it. Later, as the police were searching for the armed robbers, the armed robbers where at the same time searching for her.
She later met a friend who introduced her to an international club where she did the work of a prostitute. In the club she met a Japanese man and had a relationship with him and became pregnant. One day, while she was with him, the spirit of anger came upon her and compelled her to beat the man. The man abandoned her, leaving her to take care of the child. After that relationship she had two more consecutive relationships with Japanese men.

The third Japanese man accepted her with her child, married her and took them to Japan where she later had another child. When she was living in Japan with the man, the spirit of anger came upon her again and she beat the man in his own country. The man divorced her and the government took her and her two children. She and the two children were under high restrictions which would not allow her to drink alcohol. Later, she got a place of her own giving the freedom to abandon her little children in the house and go out drinking alcohol.
She later met a Japanese lady who tried to introduce her to idol worshiping. After many attempts by the Japanese lady, she became fed up and went to the husband of the lady who was from Africa to complain. When she met the husband of the Japanese lady she went into a relationship with him and became pregnant. She confessed to the Japanese lady and the woman advised her to have an abortion but she refused.
Realizing the need for deliverance, she was introduced to Emmanuel TV and then decided to come to The SCOAN. The evil spirits that were destroying her life were exposed by the light of God in the Morning Water and she was delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ. After her deliverance she no longer has the urge to go after men for prostitution and also no longer has the urge to drink alcohol. She gives thanks to Jesus Christ and promises to live her life for Him and raise her children up in the way of Christ.

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  1. eye opener   August 30, 2016 at 7:25 am

    Such stories are fabricated to brainwash africans.

    … start questioning all the stories told by f a k e prophets that are not helping you deal … in your day—to—day lives—stories that are beginning to look like fabricated stories … Strange and pre—arranged miracles and brainwashing scheme—